Why do 95% of BCBAs stay with Centria?

From a Centria BCBA

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"We are determined...Determined to stand out as a company with integrity. Determined to make a difference in the lives of our families and employees. Determined to be a force for good in the community. Centria presents endless opportunities to grow both personally as well as professionally, to be surrounded by like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds, to make a difference". 


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"The thing I love most about working for Centria is the opportunity
to get involved in multiple projects. There is basically unlimited opportunity for exploration, but if you want to focus in on just your clients, that’s honored too.”

"In my experience, Centria has always shown unwavering dedication to both individuals served and employees. As a BCBA for Centria, I am surrounded by colleagues who are professional, ethical and down-to-earth. I have supervisors who are willing to bend over backwards to answer my questions, provide me with support, encourage me in a way that is meaningful to me and generally promote an environment of excellence. Upper level management shows appreciation for those of us at Centria that I have never experienced in another organization. I feel valued, completely supported in my role and appreciated for the work I do.”

From our CTO

"My purpose as a Chief Talent Officer is to determine what motivates you as a BCBA and custom tailor a plan that gives you the most opportunity to succeed.  I work for Centria because I care about creating an environment that allows for the most positive outcomes."

John Cotcher - Chief Talent Officer


Growth Opportunities

Clinically - Continued education opportunities and research opportunities are items that we want you to be involved with.  For our clinical team to continue to provide the absolute best plans, it is necessary that they are up to date with the latest information in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Personally - With a large group of peers that share similar interests, you'll be part of a team that gives you great opportunities to network and learn more about the BCBA community.

Professionally - Our expedited advancement team identifies and determines what opportunities would be a best fit and sets you down the best path for promotion. 


Team Centria

As a Centria BCBA, you'll have the industries best supports and operation team working diligently to help focus your efforts on clinical outcomes and supervision of your clients.

BCBA - We have over 90 BCBA's (and growing) with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and education.  This gives all of our BCBAs a full forum of experts to work together with and bounce questions off of.

CSM - Client Services Managers are resource navigators for families and parents.  They provide you with relief from Scheduling, H.R and Recruiting.

Behavior Technician - Centria searches out, trains and employs top talented behavior technicians that are passionate about providing top notch care for individuals with Autism.

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Early Diagnosis and Intervention Significantly Improves Outcomes
Centria can give children the individualized help they need now.

Starting ABA therapy as early as possible is the key to long term success. We have experts in every area of the process to guarantee the quickest start of therapy, yielding the most positive outcomes.

Let Us Help Your Family