CentriaCares: Supporting Education with Art Road

CentriaCares: Supporting Education with Art Road - Blog and News from Centria Healthcare Autism Services - artroad1

Feb. 13, 2018

Centria Healthcare recently teamed up with Art Road, a nonprofit organization that provides art instruction to local elementary schools that no longer have arts education programming. The program primarily serves schools in southeastern Michigan, and comes at no cost to the schools or families. 

Our group of five CentriaCares volunteers had a wonderful time visiting Detroit, where they worked with children at Charles Wright Academy of Arts & Science. The Art Road representative took on the main responsibility of providing instruction, and our volunteers provided additional support by passing out art supplies, answering questions, and helping the kids with their art projects.

CentriaCares: Supporting Education with Art Road - Blog and News from Centria Healthcare Autism Services - artroad2"It was a great experience! The kids were great, and they were super excited to work on art projects and to express their creativity though paint, texture, media, and arts and crafts," said Evan Johnson, CentriaCares Volunteer. "I would recommend anyone who has a little extra time, to volunteer for this outstanding organization that is having a positive, direct impact in these children's lives!"

Centria is looking forward to sending more employee volunteer groups to work with Art Road in the next few months!

About Art Road: Art Road is the only 501c3 nonprofit in Michigan actively bringing art class back into schools for the entire school year, as part of the regular curriculum. Art Road's mission is to ensure that children throughout Southeastern Michigan have access to art instruction. Currently, Art Road is providing art class to 1,270 students that lack art in their curriculum. 

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