As Demand for Autism Services Soars, Centria Healthcare Adds Sarah Baca to Leadership Team

Autism Advocate Sarah Baca to Serve as New Mexico Operations Director

Centria Healthcare is proud to announce its new Operations Director in New Mexico: Sarah Baca, a longtime autism advocate and leader throughout the state. Baca has served as Executive Director of the New Mexico Autism Society for the past seven years, and will bring her insight and expertise to Centria Healthcare, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Baca succeeds Ramses Leyva, who will be leaving to pursue his doctorate degree.

As Operations Director, Baca will uphold the company’s mission of helping every child living with ASD to develop, pursue, and achieve their goals and dreams through high-quality ABA therapy and support. Additionally, she will be responsible for overseeing daily operations, supervising a statewide team of Client Service Managers, and ensuring high-quality care on both the customer and clinical level.

“Being born and raised in New Mexico, a state which I love, I am honored to be part of a growing nationwide company that is not only changing lives in New Mexico, but all over the country,” Baca said. “When Centria began providing ABA therapy in New Mexico three years ago, there was a tremendous need for services. Wait list after wait list, providers were struggling to keep up with the demand for ABA therapy. It’s amazing the way Centria Autism Services made a commitment to meeting the needs of the community in such a short period of time! It has been wonderful to see the growth and impact that they are making in the community.”

Baca herself has a close connection to the cause, as her son was diagnosed with ASD at age two. After receiving education and support from her local community, she made it her mission to give back and positively impact the lives of children with autism and their families.

“Sarah is an invaluable asset to our team, and we’re overjoyed to have her as a leader within the company,” said Rick Loewenstein, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Centria Healthcare. “As we continue to expand throughout the state of New Mexico, we are confident that Sarah will help us maintain the highest standard of quality that every child and family deserves.”

About Centria Autism Services: 
Centria Autism Services is an operating division of Centria Healthcare, and a leading national provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism and their families. With national headquarters in Michigan, and more than 2,000 clinical staff working in eight states, Centria’s Optimal Outcomes approach combines child-centered evidence-based ABA with best practices to help children with ASD have the best developmental experience possible and acquire the skills to live independently and succeed in the world on their own terms.

About Autism Spectrum Disorder: 
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neuropsychological condition that can adversely affect child development and global functioning through deficits in communication and social interaction, adaptive skills and learning, and patterns of restricted, repetitive behavior, interests, or activities. While the underlying cause of ASD is still unknown, numerous studies over 30 years have shown that starting as soon as possible after diagnosis with comprehensive intensive behavioral intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis can improve developmental trajectory, reduce the needs for special services and supports at school-age, and increase the capacity for independent living.

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