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The Importance of Early Detection of Autism

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Developed at the University of Connecticut, M-CHAT is the most widely recognized and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as an aid in the early screening for autism in children between 16 and 30 months of age. Beyond being a highly-accepted tool parents can use with their child, M-CHAT is also used by pediatricians and other primary care professionals to aid in the early identification of children with autism. The M-CHAT does not provide a diagnosis, but it can indicate if a child is at risk and should receive further evaluation.

*The primary goal of the M-CHAT is to maximize sensitivity, meaning to detect as many cases of ASD as possible. Therefore, there is a high false-positive rate, meaning that not all children who score at risk will be diagnosed with ASD. To address this, the creators have developed the Follow-Up questions M-CHAT-R/F. Users should be aware that even with the Follow-Up, a significant number of the children who screen positive on the M-CHAT will not be diagnosed with ASD; however, these children are at high risk for other developmental disorders or delays and, therefore, should still be evaluated.*

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Early Diagnosis and Intervention Significantly Improves Outcomes
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