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Getting proper care at an early age is important to success.

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Centria Autism service advisors are specifically trained to guide people through the maze of questions and administrative requirements related to accessing autism services.

From pre-diagnosis options and treatment planning to direct therapy services; no other company offers the expertise to navigate the system and depth of clinical experience that Centria Autism services provides. With our experience and deep connections into insurance providers, we are able to start services quickly, early intervention is one important aspect of ABA therapy. Our clinicians are certified, trained and brought together weekly to discuss and brainstorm the latest therapy practices to most effectively help the kids.

“Studies have demonstrated that children who receive more than 25 hours per week of ABA for more than 1 year make tremendous gains, with some participants achieving functioning within the average range for their age.”

- Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, 2009

We provide evidence-based treatments that fit your child's needs.

Research shows that children who receive intensive early intervention services are more likely to have improved long-term outcomes. In fact, some findings report that the impact of early interventions can be so great that in some cases a child who received therapy as a baby will no longer exhibit signs of the disorder by age 31. Centria Healthcare Autism Services can help guide you through the diagnosis and treatment phases to ensure early and evidence-based treatment that fits your child’s needs.

We help you navigate the path to care.

If you’re trying to determine your eligibility for services, or aren’t sure of the next steps to take towards securing the care your child needs, Centria can help. We’re a proven resource, having worked with hundreds of families to navigate the complex path to care. If you’re looking for real, hands-on support, you’ve found it. Call our Autism Specialists today at 855-77-AUTISM.

Early Diagnosis and Intervention Significantly Improves Outcomes
Centria can give children the individualized help they need now.

Starting ABA therapy as early as possible is the key to long term success. We have experts in every area of the process to guarantee the quickest start of therapy, yielding the most positive outcomes.

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