1 in 59 Children Have Autism* Centria makes the path to care easy and accessible for everyone.

We help you navigate the complex system and obtain the care your child needs and deserves. If you're trying to determine your eligibility for services, or aren't sure of the next steps to take to secure the care your child needs, Centria will give you the hands-on support you need to ensure you have options. Let us help your family.
* according to reports from the CDC
* according to reports from the CDC
Early Diagnosis and Intervention Significantly Improves Outcomes
Centria can give children the individualized help they need now.

Starting ABA therapy as early as possible is the key to long term success. We have experts in every area of the process to guarantee the quickest start of therapy, yielding the most positive outcomes.

Let Us Help Your Family

Centria Improves the Lives of Those Impacted by Autism

The ABA therapy Centria is providing our daughter has not only given Sarah the confidence she needs to grow, but it has also given our family the direction we lost when she was first diagnosed with Autism. We are looking forward to watching all of Sarah's hard work pay off and we are once again excited to see what the future holds for our family!" *

- A former Centria client